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'to thrive'

The name comes from the verb thrive which means to flourish, grow, be aware. Thrive Massage provides opportunities for individual growth and development so you can live healthier and more conscious. Thrive does so by offering servieces, in line with the more than 3000 year old philosophy of Yoga and folk medicine from Hawaii, China, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia, but in a modern, straight forward and accessible way. For example, within our massages techniques are used from shiatsu, Lomilomi, Ayurveda, Thai yoga, Balinese, stones/guasha-, healing / reiki and aromatherapy. The new time sports massage is a welcome addition to fit within our current lifestyle, when customised especialy to your needs.

thrive studio's

Thrive is more than 'just' a yoga and massage studio, more than that it provides a place where you feel at home and at ease. Get away from the daily grind for some conscious time for yourself, prime Time, attention to yourself, your moment. This is also the place that Marco Rodie  envisioned to create thrive in 2012. After a career in business, he wants as many people as possible to experience what Yoga and Massage can do for a healthy and conscious life.

Thrive now has two beautiful yoga studios in Amsterdam (IJburg and Zeeburg).

The massage studio is located on the site IJburg. Easily accessible from the city center by bike, car or public transport (tram 26 stops at the door).